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The Schnitzel Story

Schnitzel is our specialty. Schnitzel dates back to the 9th century and whilst there is debate as to its country of origin it was in Austria in the 1800’s that the recipe was perfected. It is a food that needs a lot of care when being prepared and cooked. The meat must be the right thickness and texture, the coating must have the right freshness, moisture content, herbs and spices for flavor and must not stick to the meat once cooked The cooking oil must be clean and have the right temperature to achieve the desired color, flavor, moisture and texture.

With years of experience of designing food and experimenting with different herbs and spices, we have discovered a great seasoning formula and cooking technique that enables you to taste the individual herbs and spices whilst enjoying the flavour and texture of the meat. 

Individually designed sauces complement the delicious taste of our schnitzel.

From the Kitchen

We cook all our food with little or no salt, and we never use MSG. If you prefer more salt in your food please tell our staff when you order.

Food must always be clean as well as tasty. All our employees are trained to our standards in food hygiene and handling procedures. We wash our salad, fresh fruits and vegetables in mineral water, so please enjoy your meal without worrying about whether it is clean and fresh.

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