We love to cook for you.

Screenshot this page and show at House of Schnitzel restaurant for your complimentary 1st visit

Breakfast Set

All our breads are freshly made and baked in our own premises everyday.

  • Avocado Mash Set 65.000

    Yummy avocado mash on top of pumpkin and spinach bread. Served with boiled eggs, fruit slices and your choice of coffee or tea.

  • Omlette Set 65.000

    3 eggs omelette with mixed vegetables, topped with feta cheese. Served with toasted pumpkin and spinach bread, fruit slices and your choice of coffee or tea.

  • Pancake Set 65.000

    Decadent layers banana, spinach and salted caramel pancakes toped with diced tropical fruits and sprinkled with roasted cashew. Served with your choice of coffee or tea.

  • Fruit of Goodness Set 65.000

    A bowl of mixed tropic fruits marinated with passion fruit coulis. Served with toasted pumpkin and spinach bread, homemade jam, unsalted butter and your choice of coffee or tea.

  • Bacon and Egg Set 65.000

    Bacon, eggs and roasted tomato inside delicious mini rolls. Served with homemade tomato sauce and your choice of coffee or tea.


  • Sweet Potato Wedges 40.000

    Thick crunchy golden-brown sweet potato wedges topped with sour cream and homemade sweet chili tomato sauce

  • Open Toasted Coconut Bread with Tandoori Chicken 50.000

    Avocado, red onion and sour cream

  • Mini Open Burgers 50.000

    Mini open burgers topped with cheese, caramelized onion and pickled beetroots

  • Crunchy Coco Fries 40.000

    Bowl of crunchy coco fries- signature with aioli mayo

  • Famous Onion Ring 40.000

    Famous gluten-free onion rings

Salad Bowls

  • Juicy Tandoori Chicken 58.000

    Juicy tandoori chicken layered with fresh garden salad, baby tomato, thin slices of red onion, diced of our famous black garlic, cucumbers, diced pineapple and drizzled with homemade coconut yogurt

  • Aromatic Couscous and Crunchy Potato Salad 55.000

    Aromatic couscous and crunchy potato salad- golden baked potato, mixed with our garlic sautéed couscous mixed with tiny diced grilled vegetables topped with semi dried tomato- (V) ginger honey dressing

  • Vietnamese Noodles Salad 55.000

    Vietnamese noodles salad with mix salad, coriander, red diced paprika, roasted peanuts, crunchy golden-brown onion rings, drizzled with honey garlic and ginger dressing

  • Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach Salad 55.000

    Roasted pumpkin and spinach salad layered with sautéed local spinach, slices of thin green local apples, local feta cheese, roasted cashew nuts with mixed herbs dressing on the side.

The House Specialty Schnitzel

All our schnitzel is served with fresh garden salad, mash potato or coco fries with two sauces of your choice.
  • Chicken Breast or Pork Fillet (180 grams) 75.000
  • Chicken Combo 75.000

    Chicken or Pork- (90 grams with small bintang or juice)

  • Schnitzel Parma - Chicken or Pork 95.000

    topped with homemade tomato base, crunchy bacon and melted cheese (180 grams)

  • Parma Combo 95.000

    chicken or pork (90 grams with small bintang or juice)


please choose two (2)

  • Homemade gravy
  • Creamy mushroom sauce
  • Seeded mustard mayonnaise with mixed herbs
  • Homemade sweet chili and coriander sauce
    Fresh lime.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Decadent Hungarian Chicken Goulash 65.000

    Decadent Hungarian chicken goulash slowly cook with all our special selected produced, mixed with sweet smoked paprika and roasted tomato. Topped with sour cream and serve with warm flat herbs bread or creamy mash potato

  • Aromatic Lentil and Moringa Soup 58.000

    Aromatic lentil and moringa soup cooked slowly with roasted tomato, cumin, mixed local herbs and serve with mini coconut warm bread rolls. (V)

  • Juicy Beef Burger 75.000

    Juicy Beef Burger 150grms with our own freshly baked burger buns, aioli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, cheese, pickled beetroot and serve with our signature coco fries

  • Aromatic Stir Fry Pork 78.000

    Aromatic Stir Fry Pork 150grams tenderloin-marinated with soy, ginger, lime, garlic and organic honey cook with basil, sweet red paprika, baby organic green beans and serve with sautéed organic red rice and mong beans

  • Roasted Mix Vegetables 65.000

    Roasted mix vegetables pesto wraps- freshly cook spinach tortilla with spread of fresh hummus mix roasted vegetables and fresh salad -serve with sweet potato wedges

  • Juicy Grilled Chicken Burger 65.000

    Juicy grilled chicken burger 150 grams- crunchy onion rings, lettuce, mustard mayo, aioli mayo, thin slices pine apple serve with coco fries

Supreme Sausages

If you love sausages, you have come to the right place! At house of schnitzel we serve fresh sausages, handmade in bali by a German butcher served with coco fries and fresh salad
  • Spanish Chorizo 85.000

    A hint of spice with lovely texture, firm and juicy at the same time.
    Suggested drinks: icy cold beer

  • English Farm 85.000

    light in texture of herbs and spices with hint of sweetness.
    Suggested drinks: glass of red wine or two!!

  • German Grosse Bratwurst 95.000

    course texture, juicy, hint of smoky flavor with herbs and spices

  • Combination of Sausages 250.000

    Spanish Chorizo (200 grams)
    German Bratwurst (200 grams)
    English Farm (200 grams)

Taste of Asia

  • Chicken Satay 58.000

    Balinese style serve with yellow aromatic rice and creamy peanut sauce (150 grams)

  • Mild Green Curry Chicken or Pumpkin Spinach (Thai style) 58.000

    freshly prepared curry paste cooked with coconut milk, mixed vegetables and serve with aromatic red organic rice.
    Add chicken +14.000

  • Pan-Fried Spiced Chicken Breast (Indonesian style) 58.000

    topped with mixed spiced baby organic beans, carrots, coriander and fried shallots served with aromatic yellow rice and freshly prepared Indonesian sambal mata.

  • Stir Fry Rice Noodles 55.000

    with mixed organic vegetables topped with crunchy onion rings (V)

  • Crunchy Corn Fritters 65.000

    topped with diced tomato, avocado, crunchy bacon and cream cheese

Homemade Pies

The Pie Lady Bali is our Sister Company and we are proud to have their amazing pies in our menu at House of Schnitzel.

  • Chicken 55.000
  • Chicken Mushroom
  • Chicken Leek
  • Beef 60.000
  • Beef - Steak and Pepper
  • Beef - Steak Mushroom Bacon
  • Vegetarian 50.000
  • Potato Leek Cheddar
  • Cauliflower Cheese
  • Spinach Feta Quiche
  • Vegan 50.000
  • Indian Potato & Spinach
  • Moroccan Veggie
  • Thai Veggie
  • Mushroom Herbs

Decadent Desserts

  • House Specialty Warm Chocolate Brownie 50.000

    Warm chocolate brownie topped with creamy vanilla ice-cream
    ( chef highly recommended)

  • Nothing Like It 55.000

    creamy apple and cinnamon bread pudding drizzled with salted caramel topped with candied orange and side vanilla ice cream


Fresh Squeezed Juices​

  • Cleanser 40.000

    watermelon, fresh ginger, orange

  • Refreshing 40.000

    apple, carrots, pineapple

  • Beet 58.000

    pure beetroot and turmeric

  • Booster 45.000

    spinach, orange, ginger, carrots

  • Create Your Own Fresh Juice 50.000

    Carrots, orange, pineapple, watermelon, cucumbers, apples and celery.

Thick Smoothies

  • Mango 55.000
  • Avocado and Coffee 55.000
  • Blueberries 55.000
  • Banana and Macha 55.000

    made with cow's milk unless request for coconut milk vegan option

Hot Drinks

  • Cappuccino 28.000
  • Flat White 28.000
  • Long Black 25.000
  • Short Black 25.000
  • Mocha 40.000
  • Macha Latte 40.000

    * coconut milk is also available


  • Fresh Ginger and Fresh Peppermint 25.000
  • Lime and Turmeric 25.000
  • Lemon Grass and Fresh Lime Rind 25.000
  • Java Black Tea 25.000
  • Homemade Chai Latte 38.000


  • Young Fresh Coconut 25.000

Icy Cold Drinks

topped with fresh whip cream

  • Icy Cold Creamy Macha Latte 50.000
  • Icy Cold Mocha 50.000
  • Icy Cold Dark Chocolate 50.000
  • Icy Cold Vanilla Milk Coffee 50.000

Soft Drinks

  • Coke 15.000
  • Sprite 15.000
  • Soda Water 15.000
  • Tonic Water 15.000


  • House Red and White 55.000

    per glass


  • Bintang - large 40.000
  • Bintang - small 28.000
  • Heineken 45.000
  • Albens 45.000
  • San Miguel 45.000
  • Bali Hai 45.000


  • Margarita 40.000
  • Mojito 40.000
  • Long Island Ice Tea 40.000
  • Pina Colada 40.000
  • Banana Rama 40.000
  • Gin and Tonic 40.000
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